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maggie peters
this was our first cruise and it was the best ever . this vacation was the best and we will be going on another next year . the service, dinner. breakfast, dessert was awesome . . everyone should go to one until the next cruise . thank you again maggie @ charlie peters. greatttttt
Brenda Trevino
Dear Stan & Jan,We just got back from our honeymoon cruise on Sunday. I can't even begin to tell you how much we enjoyed it. That was the best time we've ever had in our lives. The Carnival Conquest was amazing and every port was wonderful! We can't wait to go back and will definately call you when we're ready!Thanks again!Brenda & Tim Trevino
Charles and Britny Stricker
I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. Life has been hectic since the wedding. Our honeymoon was absolutely georgeous. It was everything you said it would be and more. The penthouse suite we got was perfect. I could not imagine going any other way. It was big and spacious and very relaxing. When we had nothing to do or time to kill, we would go to the room and sit on the deck and talk and enjoy the view and try to concieve how 2 people frim little town in Texas could be that far from anything. It was great to think about. Thank you for the gift you gave us on the ship. The waiter did not want to make the other couples feel left out so he brought them a desert when he served us our cake and then embarassed all of us by singing. It was great! The snorkeling in Grand Cayman was amazing. It is still hard to get people here to understand how clear the water was. The only thing we didn't care for there was that when you pulled into dock, it looked just like you were in another city. But on the other hand, Jamaica was heaven. We loved that place so much that we are ready to go back soon. The Dunns River falls was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It was spectacular. We didn't think to take clothes for all the fomal dinners, so we didn't get to know any of the other couples, but that was kind of nice in it's own way. My wife and I hung out, talked, enjoyed everything together in our own time, so that was nice to be alone for the trip. We are planning to go back with several other newlyweds someday and I will be looking foward to dealing our business with you again. Thank you for everything you did and all the millions of questions I had. Thanks for the memories, Charles and Britny StrickerP.S. I sent some pictures from the honeymoon you might like, and one from the wedding. Thanks for everything, you have no idea how much you helped.
Arthur Silva
We had a fantastic time. Thank you so much for all your very helpful advice.>> We appreciate your thoughtfulness during Formal night. The cake was reallygood. The Bravos asked that I extend their thanks and gratitiude.>> Thanks again! I have tons of work piled on my desk that I need to start> delegating. HA!
Kathy Davila
Stan and Jan:Oh my God............we had the best time. It was my first cruise and what a wonderful experience!!!! The entire staff works so very hard. They never stop moving and they are so willing to please. No matter what I could say about the staff, it wouldn't do them justice they were phenomenal. It is literally "their pleasure" to serve. The food was fantastic. Actually, I saw somewhere there were recipe books that we could have purchased, but now that we're off the ship, I'm wondering if there is a site we can go to and order some of the things we didn't get while we were there. The excursions were great. Please note that for the money the Twister was the best excursion for the price. It was soooo much fun twisting and turning on the water. It was like a water rollercoaster, and the private beach was great. I can't say enough about the Stingray's that was too cool. Scary, but cool. We're already talking about doing it again........and soon. Thanks for all your help, it was so therapeutic for me.
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